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Step Steel

Step Steel is the highest quality hockey runner on the market!


Find the blade and size that is best for you!

Step Steel is made in Canada by Step Skating Blades in Quebec City; a company with 50 years of blade manufacturing experience. Step uses the highest quality Swedish stainless steel making it a top choice for use in the NHL and other professional hockey leagues.

Step Steel is considered the highest quality hockey runner because:

  • The side walls have the highest quality finish possible, which provides the best sharpening edge available (similar to a speed skating edge)
  • The blade is 10% taller, which gives you a sharper turning radius, along with more sharpening
  • The Step blade is 100% straight, which is very important when sharpening your steel to provide a quality edge front to back, especially with flat bottom groove sharpening
  • Step Steel provides the extra turning and glide that professional hockey players demand. Step manufactures all brands and sizes, including goalie replacement runners for Reebok and Bauer.


Step Steel Blades


Player Step Steel is available in the following configurations:

  • ST-Speed/XL Speed
  • ST-Custom
  • ST-Pro/ST-ProZ
  • ST-Ultra
  • ST-Bladz/ST-Mako

Velocity Steel is available in the same configurations as Player Steel.


Manufactured with the same materials used for the Step Steel line, the Velocity Steel line (V-STEEL)  raises the industry’s standards by bringing material R&D to new heights. The V-STEEL is the result of extensive research on the effects of blade side finish. By heavily polishing the sides of the steel, we obtain a mirror finish which promotes significantly more flow, and better edge retention.


All of the Step Steel products are available in a premium Black Steel product.  Black Steel has all the features of Regular and Velocity steel however it holds it edge longer and requires no honing. For those that want the best, this is a must have!



Step Goalie Steel comes in Step Regular Steel and Step Xtreme Steel.


What’s the Difference?

  • Step Regular Goal Steel is 10% taller
  • Step Xtreme is 30% taller and 20% lighter
  • Goalie Steel comes in ST-Goal Bauer 3mm & 4mm and ST-Goal Bauer 3mm & 4mm EXTREME
  • Goalie Steel comes in ST-Goal RBZ/ST-Goal RBZ EXTREME
  • Goalie Steel comes in ST-Goal Graf (no extreme)


Why Choose Step Xtreme?

Step Xtreme Steel is growing is steadily growing in popularity with the pros every year. Here’s why:

  • Harder edge for banging the posts
  • Truer profiles for added stability
  • Innovative aspect ratio for accelerated push across the crease
  • 30% taller than a stock Reebok blade.  40% taller than a stock Bauer blade
  • HUGE increase in boot angle clearance (35 degrees)
  • Improved movement and recovery from the knees
  • Ability to get much lower and wider in the butterfly stance

Regular and Xtreme Goalie Steel are available in Velocity or Black Steel!

Find the blade and size that is best for you!


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